Firebombs caught by IDF troops
Firebombs caught by IDF troops IDF Spokesperson's Unit

The IDF is continuing its large-scale efforts to battle rock and firebomb terrorism in Judea and Samaria, a military official said on Sunday evening.

Members of the ​​Judea Regional Brigade on Sunday evening located three firebombs ready for use during a routine patrol.

The soldiers passed the findings to the Forensic Investigation Division of the Israel Police.

"We take seriously the phenomenon of firebombs in the region and are constantly working to reduce the volume of the firebombs thrown at residents traveling along the roads, both in the Judea and Samaria region and in general," said a senior military official from the Judea Regional Brigade.

In addition, given the increased number of incidents of rock throwing along Highway 5, the Efraim Regional Brigade has increased security efforts along the road.

“Last week we caught two rock throwers red-handed,” said Major Shai Adler, an operational company commander with the Kfir Brigade.

“During the incident, our lookouts spotted two people throwing rocks at the road near the community of Elkana. We immediately arrived at the scene, caught the two rock throwers and the incident ended with no injuries,” said Adler.

The IDF said that the number of rock throwing incidents at Israeli vehicles has decreased significantly in recent months, due to intense work by the IDF’s Samaria Brigade.

From May to August this year, according to figures released Sunday, between two and three rock-throwing incidents were recorded per day, compared with just one incident per week recorded last month. This is thanks in part to the creative methods and continuous operation of the forces of Battalion 101.