Kenyan counter-terrorism forces in Nairobi
Kenyan counter-terrorism forces in Nairobi Reuters

Kenyan officials have filed charges against three men in Nairobi over an alleged terror plot targeting the Israeli embassy.

The suspects include two Iranian men, Sayed Nasrallah Ebrahimi and Abdolhossein Ghole Safafe, and their Kenyan driver, Moses Keyah Mmboga.

The three were arrested on Tuesday while photographing the Israeli embassy in Nairobi. The group was using a car owned by the Iranian embassy in Kenya at the time they were scouting out the Israeli facility.

Local authorities suspect the two Iranian men were laying the groundwork for a terror attack against the Israeli mission to Kenya.

Kenya has been a frequent target for attacks by anti-Israel forces seeking to harm Jewish or Israeli facilities.

In 1980, PLO terrorists bombed the Norfolk Hotel in Nairobi, a Jewish-owned establishment, killing 20 and wounding dozens more. In 2002 the Israeli-owned Kikambala Hotel was bombed, killing 13 and wounding close to 100. Terrorists also targed an Israeli airliner leaving Kenya, firing surface-to-air missiles at the plane.