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Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett said that he has spoken to the Jewish Home MK who has been accused of sexually harassing multiple women. The MK, who remains unnamed, denies the allegations in their totality.

Reports of the alleged assaults surfaced Wednesday night.

Bennett's office said: "Minister Bennett is calling on anyone who feels she has been hurt, and any person in any position, to go and complain to law enforcement authorities."

Hagit Moriah-Gibor, who finished 36th in the Jewish Home's primaries last year, posted the allegations on Facebook, saying that she knows of three victims and asking any other victims to step forward. None of the victims have come forward to the authorities yet.

"The stories keep piling up, and this silence is deafening to me," she wrote. "There's a senior public official who has attacked and still attacks women, for years now. I know of an old case and recently I've encountered additional stories. Shocking ones. We're trying to put together several testimonies, even anonymously, to expose this man. I'm asking and begging you. If anyone has experienced this, or knows someone else who experienced this, or knows of such an experience—contact me. Complete confidentiality is assured."

It has been reported that a task force of religious Zionist rabbis, led by Tzfat Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, has been investigating the allegations against the MK. The task force has not compiled enough evidence yet to summon the MK for questioning or to call for his resignation.

“This is a wicked attempt to harm me,” the MK in question said. “For years, there have been reports published like this."