Islamic State (ISIS) flag
Islamic State (ISIS) flagPhoto: Dado Ruvic / Reuters

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack yesterday in Ohio State University.

A short while ago, the ISIS news agency wrote that the Somali Ohio State University student who perpetrated the attack was, in fact, a “soldier of the Islamic State.”

The announcement came moments after White House Press secretary Josh Earnest speculated that the terrorist “may have been motivated by extremism,” while urging people not to immediately associate the attack with Islamic terrorism.

"If we respond to this situation by casting aspersions on millions of people that adhere to a particular religion ... we're more likely to contribute to acts of violence than we are to prevent them," he said.

Yesterday, a terrorist plowed through pedestrians with his car at Ohio State University, then jumped from the car and started stabbing those nearby with a butcher knife.

Eleven people were taken to the hospital as a result of the attack. The terrorist was killed at the scene.