IDF Merkava 3 tanks
IDF Merkava 3 tanksOfer Zidon/Flash 90

At least 86 out of the 200 soldiers who were supposed to be inducted into the Armored Corps in recent days have refused to join the force, according to a report by News 2.

According to News 2's report, half of the soldiers were sent to the IDF induction center while the other half were sent to military prisons to serve terms of 4 to 20 days. The number of refusals is unusual, as is the severity of the punishment meted out.

The IDF Manpower Directorate has conducted an effort recently to increase recruitment of soldiers. The Armored Corps usually has a high recruitment demand.

Brigadier General Guy Hasson, the commander of the Armored Corps school at Shizafon, addressed the issue of motivation in an interview with Channel 2 this week. "Some come voluntarily. The important thing is that almost everyone wants to be a soldier. That's the most important figure to me."