Fire in Haifa
Fire in HaifaReuters

Security forces arrested this morning a youth from Rahat in southern Israel for incitement, after he called on his Facebook page to “take care of the Zionists.”

He was brought to court in Be’er Sheva, where an extension of his arrest is being determined.

In addition, police said that, at the present time, 11 additional suspects are being interrogated in connection to the arsons raging across the country - three in connection to the giant fires in Haifa.

The three in question, arrested around the area of Haifa, are illegal residents.

Three additional suspects were arrested in the Galilee region and another in the town of Atlit close to Haifa. Upon searching his belongings, forces discovered bottles and lighter fluid of the kind used to light bonfires.

A police helicopter identified an additional three suspects near the community of Beit Meir, which was engulfed in flames last night. Police arrested two of the suspects.

Another suspect was arrested in connection to the arson near Route 60 in the Binyamin region.

Police announced that “in accordance with the instruction of the Police Chief to set up a commission for investigating suspects involved in the recent arsons, at this time 12 suspects are being interrogated in connection to the arsons or incitement to arson.”