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The Education Ministry announced Thursday night that classes would be held as usual throughout most of the country tomorrow.

Kindergartens in Haifa and schools in evacuated areas of the city will be closed, however.

85,000 people have reportedly evacuated from parts of Haifa due to raging wildfires.

The Haifa municipality announced that it had opened several shelters for evacuees in which they can stay and seek various types of help. Similar announcements were made in other areas of the country which have been affected by the wildfires.

Below are instructions from theMinistry of Education

Parents who wish to receive information about school activities should contact the municipal hotline in their hometown.

For schools in which studies cannot be held, the school principal will consult with the local authority and the Director of the Education Authority and representatives of the local office of education and determine how the school will proceed.

The Ministry of Education assumes that there will be no hiking in the next few days in paces where there are fires. Trips that were supposed to take place in these areas will be diverted to other routes.

The Ministry of Education informs you that rural youth villages are prepared to absorb evacuated families.

The Ministry is prepared to send psychologists and guidance counselors to absorption centers.

Principals will contact students in areas where there has been or evacuation.

The Haifa District Office of the Education Ministry opened an information service for parents which should be staffed tomorrow, starting at 07:00 AM. Questions can be directed to the Facebook page of the Ministry of Education and Haifa.

Directory information center: 04-8632395, 04-8632478