A Palestinian Arab cleric from the Al-Aqsa Mosque recently urged Muslims to use nuclear weapons to “eliminate the state of the Jews in one or two strikes.”

The comments by Sheikh Abd Al-Salam Abu Al-Izz were made in a video posted online last week and which was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

The cleric also said that Muslims should not wait for U.S. President-elect Donald Trump to start a nuclear war, but rather toss all Muslim rulers "into the garbage bin of history" and "take the Pakistani nuclear weapons from those criminals and use them in the service of Islam."

“The Muslims’ reaction to Trump’s victory was: ‘Hopefully, he will destroy (the US) and sit on its ruins. May he engage in nuclear wars, from which (the Muslims) will emerge intact.’ This is not how things go,” said Al-Izz.

“We should take the armies and the weapons from [the Muslim rulers]. We should take the Pakistani nuclear weapons from those criminals, and use them in the service of Islam. We should take these armies, and eliminate the state of the Jews in one or two strikes, and then bring Islam everywhere in the world,” he added.

Palestinian Arab clerics at the Al-Aqsa Mosque regularly use their sermons to incite against Israel.

Sheikh Mohammed Hussein, the Mufti of “Palestine”, recently called on worshipers to strengthen their ties with the Al-Aqsa Mosque in order to remove the "settlers and Jewish organizations," who in his words are trying to impose a new reality on the ground.

"The occupation continues to kill Palestinians and execute them without trial, on the pretext that they were trying to carry out operations against the soldiers of the occupation or against settlers,” he charged.

In another incident, a cleric by the name Sheikh Ismail Nawahada called on Arab and Islamic countries to bear the responsibility of "freeing" the Al-Aqsa mosque from the "conquest", emphasizing that joint efforts or cooperation of Jews in the mosque in unacceptable.

The continued incitement against Israel by Palestinian Arab officials has been directly linked with the terror wave of the past year, in which dozens of Israelis have been murdered.