Baruch Marzel
Baruch Marzel Eliran Aharon

In an interview with Arutz Sheva, Baruch Marzel was very critical of the one religious Supreme Court Justice, Neal Hendel, for his decision to delay Rabbi Karim’s appointment to the head the military rabbinate.

“He played the role of an Arab judge who doesn’t stand for the national anthem and who seeks to weaken the army. I have no expectations from the anti-religious judges, like President Naor. However, Neal Hendel is supposed to represent the religious on the court. Does he not know about the section in the Torah dealing a woman captive? Did they somehow skip over this when he was in the synagogue?”

According to Marzel, “the Supreme Court has become a political party with political goals. They voted to delay the evacuation of a Bedouin village while insisting on the evacuation of Amona. The Supreme Court works against anything related to the Land of Israel and to Torah. They want to destroy the country. The incident with Rabbi Karim is a blood libel.”

Marzel believes that this assault on Rabbi Karim and other rabbis is a continuation of the persecution of Rabbi Meir Kahane. “The Supreme Court’s intervening here is similar to their actions against Rabbi Eliayahu and Rabbi Amar. It started 28 years ago when they took the anti-racism law and used it to invalidate Rabbi Kahane, and at that time the rabbis found it convenient to remain silent. Rabbi Kahane warned that while it’s him being persecuted today, tomorrow it will be all the rabbis, and we see that he was correct. What the Supreme Court is doing here is a military coup. They’re now ruling on all matters related to Jewish settlement, to the army, and to the government.”

“We need to prayer to ‘Restore our judges as in former times’ and ‘remove us from sorrow and sighing,’ as the place of justice has become a place of evil.”

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