Suhawi Abu Khalifa, the terrorist who stabbed a haredi man last year in French Hill was sentenced by the Jerusalem District Court to 18 years in prison, a year and a half of conditional prison, and compensation.

The attack occurred in October 2015, when the terrorist saw a haredi man speaking to a security guard, came up from behind and stabbed him in the neck with a knife. He then attempted to grab the security guard's weapon, but the guard managed to hold fast.

Together with a bus driver, the security guard managed to chase away the attacker. Later, police caught up to the terrorist and arrested him.

The stabbing victim, who was critically injured, was transferred to the hospital, where he underwent a complicated surgery to save his life. He was hospitalized unconscious in the ICU for several days before he was released to rehabilitation.

Abu Khalifa had told his girlfriend he would be a "shahid" (martyr) just prior to the attack.

The sides agreed to a plea bargain in which the court agreed to sentence Abu Khalifa to 18 months in prison, but insisted on adding that the terrorist must provide the victims with considerable monetary compensation. The haredi who was injured will receive 150,000 NIS, and the security guard, whose wrist was broken, will receive 30,000 NIS.