Alley at night
Alley at night: ISTOCK

The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) released, Sunday, the results of a comprehensive survey on the personal security of Israeli citizens.

81% of citizens over the age of 20 said that they either feel very safe or completely safe when asked 'Do you feel safe walking alone in your area at night?'

The survey showed a large difference between the responses of men and women. 90% of men responded that they felt safe walking alone at night, compared to only 72% of women said that they felt safe doing the same,

The lowest level of confidence while walking at night for men was found in the 65 and older age range (87%), while the lowest rate of confidence for women was found in the 25-34 age range (70%)

Feelings of safety also varied by geographic area. Citizens in the north and in Judea and Samaria felt the safest walking alone at night (85-88%), while citizens in the Jerusalem District felt the least safe (73%).

Jerusalem residents felt the least secure walking alone after dark of all the major cities, with only 71% of Jerusalem residents responding that they felt secure walking alone at night. In other cities, such as Tel Aviv, Haifa, Rishon Letzion, Ashdod, Petach Tikva, Netanya, and Beersheva, between 78-80% of residents felt that they felt safe walking alone at night.

Jerusalem residents also felt the least secure in general, with 81% of respondents in the Jerusalem area saying that they felt safe. Residents of Judea and Samaria felt the most secure (89%).