Rivka Michaeli
Rivka Michaeli Photo by Tomer Neuberg/Flash90

Veteran actress Rivka Michaeli, a long time leftist, explained to Yediot Ahronot why she refuses to perform in Judea and Samaria.

"They are forcing actors to perform in Hevron, near the grave of Goldstein. Why should I perform [there]? That area is still controversial. It needs to be changed. It's not that I was never in Hevron. I saw how the Arab residents live there."

The interviewer reminded the 78-year-old performer that the National Theater is subsidized by the state. "But the state is not in Hevron." she answered. "According to international law, it is still not part of the State of Israel."

Israel considers Judea and Samaria to be disputed territories whose final status is to be determined in negotiations.

"For a lot of the political issues in this country - such as Amona - I do not believe that the issue is political, but rather a moral issue. When people steal land, no ideology can make up for that. It is a shame that the wise come up with all sorts of justifications for it when they know that they have done wrong, and that it is possible to fix [the problem] by getting up and leaving the land. It belongs to someone else. You can't build a house in my garden. That's a moral issue."

Michaeli also praised the radical leftist organization B'Tselem, which spoke against Israel at a meeting of the UN Security Council. "I went to B'Tselem. I think that man was created in the image [of God], and that if someone harms humanity he needs to be put in front of a mirror...They are patriots."