IllustrationIDF Spokesperson

The IDF published Thursday afternoon the draft statistics for children born in the year 1995.

Surprisingly, the predominantly haredi city of Elad had the highest per capita percentage of recruits to combat units of any city in Israel.

The city with the highest rate of overall recruitment to the IDF, including both combat and non-combat units, was Modiin, which had a recruitment rate of 82.4%.

The city of Yehud leaped six places to have the second highest rate of recruitment, at 82.2%. The remainder of the top five were Givat Shmuel (81.9%), Rosh Ha'ayin (81.3%), and Ness Ziona (80.3%).

Elad had the highest rate of recruitment to combat units, with a recruitment rate of 56.8%. Following Elad are Rosh Ha'ayin (55.6%), Maalot-Tarshisha (55%), Modiin (53.5%), and Givat Shmuel (53.3%).

According to the data, recruitment to combat units relative to the population has decreased. In 2013 it was 70.3%. It rose to 70.8% in 2014 after Operation Protective Edge, and to 71.9%. However, recruitment to combat units fell to 69.8% this year.