Trump and Ryan
Trump and RyanReuters

Despite demonstrations across the country by a vocal minority of the population, a new poll released Wednesday revealed that half of American citizens are convinced of Trump's ability to serve as president.

The Gallup poll was conducted among a sample group of 3,561 legal voters. It shows that the level of assurance in Trump's abilities nearly matches that of George W. Bush and Bill Clinton after they were elected and before they assumed office.

51% of those polled said that they felt more convinced of Trump's abilities than they had in the past.

However a large proportion of those polled felt less assured of his ability to serve as president. Forty percent of those polled are not convinced of Trump's presidential credentials as opposed to 28% for Bush and 26% for Bill Clinton.

Americans continue to grant high marks to outgoing president Barack Obama. Obama's approval rating according to Gallup has hit 57% - the highest since December 2012, shortly after his reelection. He attained similar popularity in a poll conducted in July 2009 shortly after his first election.

Obama's approval rating dipped to 40% two years ago, and with 54% disapproving of his performance as president. Currently, 41% disapprove of his performance.