Gazan tomatoes to IDF?
Gazan tomatoes to IDF?Flash90

Some tomato shipments are finding their way from the Gaza strip to IDF kitchens, according to a Channel 10 report this week.

A Facebook picture depicting a box labelled "produce of Gaza" revealed that the IDF uses tomatoes from Gaza despite the fact that tens of Israeli farmers are forced to destroy tons of produce and especially tomatoes.

Irate farmers who discovered this information demanded that the government cease to import tomatoes from the Gaza strip. The farmers even searched - based on the name which appeared on the box of tomatoes - the Facebook pages of family members of the Gazan farmer who had sold the produce and discovered that they are Hamas activists who published pictures of dead terrorists in their Facebook accounts. The farmer himself denies any connection with these family members.

A Gazan farmer told Channel 10 that Hamas know where the produce is going and where the money for the produce originates from. "What do they care whether it reaches the army? They sell the produce and wherever it goes - it will go. The don't send the produce directly to the army. They know all of this," said the farmer.

The IDF spokesman said in response that "the IDF acquires the food products it provides for its soldiers including tomatoes from Israeli suppliers who won Defense Ministry tenders. They are authorized by the Health Ministry and the Agriculture Ministry farmers as required by law."