Roni Numa
Roni Numaspeakers

Yosef Pressman, a Shomron resident in his 20's, received a restrictive order Tuesday banning him from entering Judea and Samaria for the next three months. The order was signed by Central Command OC Roni Noma.

Yesterday attorney Menashe Yadu of the Honenu organization filed a petition in the military court appealing the order and demanding a delay in its implementation.

Among other reasons, Yadu cited the 19 day delay between the expiration of the previous order and the issuing of the present order. He said that The IDF's behavior is contrary to law and to military court decisions in similar cases of restriction orders which were adjudicated recently in the courts.

"The delay raises a simple question," wrote Yadu. "If there is a near certainty of harm to the public why does the IDF wait 19 days before reissuing a restriction order that expired? If, however, there is no near certainty of such harm- why did the petitioner receive an order at all?

Pressman received the order while he was walking in Jerusalem. Detectives from the Judea and Samaria police department detained him at the Moriah police station where he heard a speech by a GSS operative and received the restriction order.

In the course of his detainment, one of the detectives grabbed his phone when he tried to photograph them.

Pressman, who recently got married, had been served similar orders in the past with the last one expiring three weeks ago.

A few days after it expired, he received a notification from Central Command that OC Roni Numa intended to reissue the order against him as he is "known as one who orchestrates protest activities and provocations against public figures." Moreover, the army claimed that Pressman "tries to incite others into violent actions". The order did not claim that Pressman himself was involved in any such violent actions.