Ofra residents protest in front of government offices
Ofra residents protest in front of government offices Roni Shneur, Aide to Benyamin Council Head

The community of Ofra called today for MKs from all parties in the coalition to support the Regulation Law, or “Normalization Law,” in tomorrow’s preliminary reading, and to worry about amending the law to accord with the Attorney General’s demands later.

“All of [Judea and Samaria] settlement, and Ofra in particular, is subject to a serious legal threat which demands brave legislation that will also stand up to the scrutiny of the Supreme Court,” the community said.

The residents of Ofra are turning to all members of the coalition - including Kulanu, Shas, United Torah Judaism, Likud, and Jewish Home.

Within the context of efforts by the community to normalize the community’s legal status and save nine homes which the Supreme Court has slated for destruction, families living in the nine houses will convene at the Knesset tomorrow to try to convince MKs to support the Law.

Last night, Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit responded publicly for the first time to the Ministerial Committee for Legislation’s unanimous support for the bill on Sunday.

“Even when a country is struggling against terror, it must work within the framework of the law. There [is no way around it]. The State will always be subject to the rule of law - this also applies to the regulation of illegal building in [Jewish] settlement,” he said.

He added, “As Attorney General, I am obligated to help the government bring about its policy which, today, entails finding legal solutions that will prevent the evacuation of building that was established in cooperation with authorities. But these solutions will always be within the framework of the law.”

Mandelblit said that the Regulation Law was not a solution to the problem. “Solutions - including legislative ones - should not be accepted which don’t stand up to the requirements of the law which, in this case, is constitutional and international law. Further, legislation that hurts the status of the Supreme Court should not be accepted.”