Daniella Weiss
Daniella WeissHillel Maeir

Daniella Weiss, outspoken former head of Kedumim municipal authority and the co-founder of the NACHALA Land of Israel movement, warned of repercussions for the coalition if the town of Amona is destroyed.

"There is no point for Netanyahu to stay Prime Minister and there is no point for Bennett to remain in the government if they raise their hand to destroy the community [of Amona]." Weiss said. "They should just announce that Amona will remain. Just like they could announce overnight that terrorists are going to be released, and just like Benny Begin, who adores the legal system, can decide that the Bedouin communities in the Negev can be legitimized despite being on [proven] Jewish-owned land."

According to Weiss, the Israeli right will find new leaders if Amona is destroyed. "Just like when Sharon adopted the report of [head of New Israel Fund] attorney Talia Sasson to destroy the settlements, so too can Netanyahu now adopt the report of the late Supreme Court Justice Edmond Levy which concluded that it is legal for Jews to live in Judea and Samaria."

"Find a way to prevent the destruction. Otherwise, why do we need a right-wing government?" she asked. "As for Bennett, if he thinks he will be prime minister after destroying [a Jewish] town, he is mistaken."