Moshe Saville
Moshe Saville צילום: אלירן אהרון

In an interview with Arutz Sheva, acting head of the Gush Etzion Regional Council, Moshe Saville said that he’s concerned about the possible consequences of an evacuation of Amona on the fate of other areas. There are neighborhoods on the Path of the Patriarchs and in Ofra that are in a similar situation.

He said that a number of solutions have been proposed which could resolve the recent crisis. “We sat many times with current Attorney General when he was still secretary of the government, and we heard things that he’s not saying openly today. The main problem is the lack of a clear statement from the Prime Minister addressing this absurd situation.”

He said that as long as the Prime Minister stutters, the legal system will continue to order the destruction of Jewish communities. The decisions of the High Court on Amona are inconsiderate and immoral. Although the law needs to be respected, the nation and the people need to shout ‘No more!’ This is an injustice that we should not allow to happen.”

“The Prime Minister must deal with it with full force and not be afraid of the Americans. The public selected Netanyahu and the Likud, and he should make a clear decision to stop it, just like he stopped the work on Shabbat. It can’t be that Jewish communities should be destroyed because of ‘procedural issues.’ Here also, on the Path of the Patriachs, the government decided that this is state land, but there are holes on the map, small areas that are not so clear. We proposed several solutions that make sense, but the High Court didn’t accept them because of the government’s policy at the time.”

“Today, there is a right-wing government, but it is not leading with any clarity. Today it’s Amona, the Path of the Patriarchs, and Ofra. Tomorrow it will be somewhere else.”

“We’ve reached the moment of truth,” says Saville. “I expect the Prime Minister to set the goal and all the people of Israel should join in the fight against this absurdity. No good will come from an evacuation of families from their homes. Let’s stop this now!”

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