Mahmoud Abbas during meeting with journalists
Mahmoud Abbas during meeting with journalistsPhoto: Flash90

Senior Hamas official Mahmoud al-Zahar on Saturday called for the cancellation of the Oslo Accords.

"The Oslo Accords are over. The other side is not keeping to it - not the Israelis and not the ones who began the negotiations and brought us to signing the Accords. So the Islamic Jihad [a terror group - ed.] is now calling to cancel Oslo, and we support them."

Earlier, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas told Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev at a press conference, "Trump's election is an American issue."

"What we're interested in is what Trump will say after he enters the White House. We insist that the US agree and work towards a two-state solution, where both states will live next to each other in peace and stability. We wish him great success and we are waiting to hear from him after he enters the White House," Abbas concluded.