Israeli journalist and radio personality Erel Segal says that the Israeli media, like the American media, was biased during the elections and missed the story of the entire election- the clash between the establishment and the common people.In an interview with Arutz Sheva, Segal said:

"Mr. Trump was the trigger for something bigger than himself. The new divide in 21st century America is not based on capitalism versus socialism but rather on identity. This election is a symbol of the crisis of modern democracies caused by the different identities of people. Some people see themselves as cosmopolitan, liberal, progressive, people who are a part of globalization while others identify themselves in terms of ethnicity, religion and family values," says Segal, adding that there is a huge chasm between these two types of people.

In Britain the Brexit also manifests the will of people to identify themselves with their country and not with Europe and similarly the far right's popularity in Europe signifies similar sentiments and values, but the media missed this new motion in Europe as well because it identifies only with liberal and progressive values and is very monolithic.

The media took a side, the anchors sounded disappointed at Trump's victory

"The media were against Trump because their own ideals are so different from those of Trump. The media is progressive, they can't enter those elections with clean heads. The only credible network was Fox News, they had both pro-Trump coverage and voices against him."

What is your message to people in Israel who see great significance in Trump's victory in terms of what will happen in Israel?

After all it was an American election and not an Israeli election. We hope this government will be more supportive of Israel, but let's not embarrass Mr. Trump or the Republican party - this election was not about the Israeli issue but about the American issues."