Prof.Zaki Shalom
Prof.Zaki Shalom צילום: עצמי

Professor Zaki Shalom, a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS), said in an interview with Arutz Sheva that the 'shout of joy' he heard from Jerusalem after the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States is premature.

"We've seen Trump's attitude towards Russia." Prof. Shalom said. "As a businessman he goes for the WIN-WIN approach. (His approach is) let's sit down together and see how we can all benefit from the situation."

"Therefore," Prof. Shalom elaborated, "in his dialogue with Russia he will try to reach an understanding on the issues of Ukraine, Syria, Iran,and NATO-and our issue will also be there. It is true that his statements have been very supportive of Israel and his cabinet will have big Israel supporters such as (former UN ambassador John) Bolton and (former New York City Mayor Rudy) Guliani. He also questioned the concept of a Palestinian state. But even with all that, because his approach will be to reach an understanding with Russia and (other world) powers, it is possible" that American interests and Israeli interests will not be compatible.

Prof. Shalom noted that Trump already seemed different in his acceptance speech compared to the way he acted during the campaign. "People say a lot of things during the elections, but when you sit in the (president's) chair and the leaders of you defense (organizations) come to see you, you start to realize all of the constraints and your considerations become more pragmatic. After all he went through during the elections and all the mud that was slung at him, he astonished me with his moderation and euphoria in his victory speech. We did not hear any talk of revenge-he spoke (instead) of unity. When the weight falls on your shoulders you act differently.

"As a successful businessman, he knows how to maximize profits in any situation that requires him to be pragmatic and level-headed."