Rafi Eitan
Rafi EitanFlash 90

Legendary Mossad agent and former MK Rafi Eitan told a European audience that the European Union (EU) should halt Muslim immigration into Europe.

Eitan, one of the agents who captured Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichman, was invited to speak in Austria by the populist Freedom party. He spoke of the dangers of open borders and the growing terrorist threat that is the consequence of letting masses of Muslims immigrate without being able to integrate them.

“The Muslim world is markedly different from Western culture,” he said. “When there are Muslims, now, in every European country, we must expect violence and terror.”

He warned that Germany and Austria would become a Muslim countries if present policies of welcoming Muslim refugees continue.

When asked what the solution to Europe's migrant crisis is, Eitan said that he had “three points of advice: First, stop immigration, set your limits, and secondly, give money for incentives , so that the refugees go back to Syria or to Iraq. Thirdly, do not let them have any spare time.”

Eitan was joined in Austria by the former head of the Herut party in Israel, Michael Kleiner, who also called on European countries to change their immigration policies.

Kleiner said of the terrorist threat crisis that "You cannot kill thousands of mosquitoes. You have to drain the swamp. He added that Austria cannot simply deal with individual terrorists but mist be aware of the global terrorist threat.

Speaking of Europe's immigration crisis, Kleiner said that if too many immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa come to Europe the result would be more incidents like the incident on New Year's Day,2016, across Germany, when hundreds of women were sexually assaulted by migrants.