Trump and Clinton
Trump and Clinton Reuters

Donald Trump has opened up leads in the make-or-break toss-up states of Pennsylvania and Michigan, while New Hampshire remains a dead heat.

Hillary Clinton’s path to 270 electoral votes was significantly narrowed when Wisconsin, a reliably Democratic state over the past three decades, flipped red, pushing Trump up to 255 electoral votes.

That loss has made the battleground states of Michigan and Pennsylvania must-wins for Clinton, who has enjoyed a shrinking lead there throughout the night.

Now, however, as more conservative western counties count ballots in more rural districts of Pennsylvania, Trump has closed the gap and opened up a 52,000 vote lead.

That lead comes despite most votes in Democratic-leaning counties in and around Philadelphia already reporting. Some 98% of the vote has been counted in Pennsylvania, with the remaining votes coming largely from western portions of the state. The New York Times has thus predicted Trump will most likely carry the state and its 20 electoral votes.

In Michigan, with its 16 electors, Trump leads by 59,000 votes with 79% of the vote counted. His margin has widened over the past two hours, and The New York Times also predicts a Trump win there.

In New Hampshire, meanwhile, Clinton holds on to the barest of leads, with just a 3,000 vote advantage.

Should Clinton lose in either Michigan or Pennsylvania, Trump would be guaranteed a White House victory.