Danny Danon
Danny Danon Israel UN Mission

Just weeks after resolutions were adopted by UNESCO denying the historical connection between the Jewish people and Jerusalem, a number of anti-Israel resolutions passed the United Nations General Assembly today.

When describing the Temple Mount complex in Jerusalem, the resolutions referred to the site only as “Haram al Sharif,” without any mention of the ancient Jewish Temples which once stood there.

Israel’s Ambassador Danny Danon led efforts by the Israeli Mission to the UN and by Israeli embassies to enlist the European Union members to speak out against the language. The diplomatic efforts led to the EU members issuing an “explanation of vote” clarifying the site’s religious significance to the world’s three monotheistic religions.

“We will continue to fight at all times, and in all forums, against those who deny the historical and religious ties that bind the Jewish people with Jerusalem,” said Ambassador Danon.

“Even when the votes are stacked against us, and resolutions which are completely divorced from reality succeed in passing UN bodies, it is important that moderate states stand up and make sure that their voice are heard to counter the lies disseminated by the Palestinians,” the Ambassador continued.

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