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אליקים העצניפלאש 90

Former MK Elyakim Haetzni hopes for a Donald Trump victory in today's US Presidential elections.

"It's amazing (to see) how the US is so similar to here with the struggle between the right and the left. The Neturei Karta (a small group of extreme anti-Zionist haredim which is too extreme even for other anti-Zionist haredi sectors), the left, and the pro-Palestinian people are for Clinton, and the right is for Trump." Haetzni said in an interview with Arutz Sheva.

"The media is almost completely leftist and trying to point towards a Clinton victory. They create the atmosphere, and I hope that all the polls are wrong and that all of the predictions will turn out to be worthless."

He believes that Trump would be better for Israel than Clinton. "Everyone knows that he is anti-Islam and that the platform of the Republican party is against (the establishment of) a Palestinian state. It is (also) no secret that the Clinton Foundation was supported by Kuwait, so we know what Clinton thinks."

Haetzni said that although he hopes that Trump will win the election, it would not be the end of the world if Clinton wins instead. "I am not enthusiastic about Clinton, but even if she wins, Israel is so strong that we do not need to worry about what the 'master' says. Even Obama, who identified with the Arab world, provided us with military aid because (supporting) Israel is in America's interest and we are an island of sanity in the Middle East."

"That will not change no matter who is president. We are their insurance policy. Everything is burning all around the Middle East. It is a true hell,and no American president can ignore that fact. If even Obama can realize that then surely Hillary Clinton can as well."