Netanyahu speaking during cabinet meeting October 30, 2016
Netanyahu speaking during cabinet meeting October 30, 2016 Flash90

Journalist Ilana Dayan responded this morning on Army Radio to Netanyahu’s strong reaction to her investigation into the conduct of the Prime Minister’s office.

Dayan’s investigation, her first show of the season, was an hour-long feature broadcast last night on Channel 2, and included interviews with dozens of former senior officials and aides to Benjamin Netanyahu who had had disagreements with him and left his employ. Some of the details were already known, but Dayan presented them as part of a whole picture.

Most striking, though, was Netanyahu’s response, which Dayan read aloud in its entirety at the end of her program, standing outside the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem. It took her six minutes.
Among other things, the response referred to Dayan as an extreme leftist and backed it up with examples of statements she has made in the past.

Dayan said that Netanyahu’s response helps illustrate what she wanted to present in her investigation of Netanyahu’s decision-making and management style. “The Prime Minister is not my enemy and I’m not his enemy. I’m not Ahmadinejad, or Gideon Saar, or Yisrael Katz. We don’t operate in the same arena. Netanyahu is part of my job as a journalist. I want to and am obligated to cover him.”

“If I could sit in front of Netanyahu, I would say to him, “You are such a strong and talented Prime Minister, how is it that you are afraid of me?”

Referring to Netanyahu’s charge that she was an extreme leftist, Dayan responded, “Was I an extreme leftist when we broadcast the investigation into Ezra Nawi? Did I turn into one overnight?”

Ezra Nawi is the Israeli left-wing “human-rights activist” who was secretly recorded bragging that he had helped identify Palestinians who were willing to sell land to Israelis and get them killed. Dayan’s “Uvda” program on Channel 2 broadcast the secret recordings of Nawi this last January. Dayan did not mention that she apologized for that broadcast and did not air the second part of it after she was attacked for it by the left.

A popular rightist radio show broadcaster Tuesday morning wondered aloud how it is that Dayan has never seen fit to investigate Breaking the Silence, The New Israel Fund, B'Tselem and other topics the right would like to know more about - nor decide to have her first show of the season investigate the decision process on serious issues that Netanyahu has to deal with, such as the Gaza tunnels and BDS. Instead, he said, she stooped to gossip and yellow journalism.