Ambulance (Illustrative)
Ambulance (Illustrative) Flash 90

An 18-year old haredi girl from the city of Modi’in Illit was injured Sunday night as police dispersed protesters near Bar Ilan Street in Jerusalem.

The girl was making her way to a nearby bus stop, where she planned to board a bus and return home to Modi’in Illit, haredi news site BeHadrei Haredim reported.

On her way, however, she was struck by a powerful blast of water fired from a water cannon on an armored anti-riot vehicle deployed by the police to break up protests against the arrest of a haredi draft-dodger.

The girl was knocked over by the sudden blast, hitting the pavement and suffering injuries to her head and upper body. She was evacuated to Shaarei Tzedek Hospital where she is listed in moderate condition.

Hundreds of haredi protesters demonstrated across the country following the arrest of Avraham Stern, a yeshiva student who refused orders to report to a draft office. The protests were organized by the Yerushalmi faction, led by Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach.

Police say two officers were injured during the protest in Jerusalem, adding that two demonstrators were arrested. A third officer was lightly injured during a similar protest in Beit Shemesh.