Arutz Sheva spoke with Tuvia Tenenbom, author of the new book, The Lies They Tell. Tenenbom's book has been released in Hebrew recently, will be released in German this week and is set to be released in English in January.

Tenenbom is the best-selling author of Catch the Jew, which humorously, but pointedly, delves into the world of left-wing anti-Israel activism, including that of NGOs and leftists within the State of Israel.

The publishers of The Lies They Tell explained that the book deals with USA, the world's empire understanding that what America does will affect our lives and the lives of our children.

"Who are the Americans? What are their dreams? What are their fears?", ask the publishers of the Hebrew version, "They say that they believe in multiculturalism. They say that hey love all: black, white, Jew, and Arab. They say that they are free. They say that they are brave. They say that they would love to see you, that they love you like a brother, and that their food is amazing. Their politicians compete with each other over who cares more about Israel".

After defining what values Americans "say" they follow, Tenenbom asks "Is any of this true?"

To answer his question Tenenbom traveled through the U.S. He visited megachurches looking for "the holy spirit" in America, and drove to Indian reservations in search of ancient spirituality. He visited African-American "ghettos" and listened to gang members explain the logic of killing fellow African-Americans.

The author met with Jews who, as he says: "dedicate day and night to hatred of their brethren". Tenenbom also spoke with thieves, "skinheads" and senators.

As he explains in his interview with Arutz Sheva, Tenenbom learned a great deal from his quest to understand the United States of America. But the big question is - will Americans agree with his grim conclusions?

Cover of "The Lies they Tell"
Cover of "The Lies they Tell"Shay Charka