Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump and Hillary ClintonPhoto: Reuters

A novel poll carried out by Geocartography shows who Israelis would vote for if they had US voting rights.

The poll included 500 participants over the age of 18, who were asked a single question: "If you could vote in the US elections, who would you vote for?"

While 34% of participates answered they would vote for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, 37% announced they would vote for Republican candidate Donald Trump.

The poll also analyzed participants' answers based on which party they vote for in Israeli elections.

59% of Likud voters voiced their support for Trump, while only 24% voiced support for Clinton.

The results were exactly the opposite for Zionist Union voters: 68% voiced support for Clinton, while only 19% would vote Trump. In addition, 48% of Yesh Atid voters would vote for Clinton, while only 22% support Trump.

Geocartography head Professor Avi Degani explains, "Trump exudes strength and power, and that's what Israeli rightists want. Clinton's focus is on cooperation and feeling of togetherness, which are the ideals the Israeli left care about."