Yochai Damari
Yochai DamariPublic Relations

Har Hevron Regional Council Head Yochai Damari responded Wednesday night to the life sentence given to the terrorist who murdered Dafna Meir.

"This evening I read the verdict of the Military Court sentencing the man who killed Dafna Meir in cold blood in front of her children to life in prison. There is no consolation or relief, and I do not have confidence that he (the murderer) will not be released with a Master's Degree in some shady deal." Damari said.

Damari added that "Since Dafna's murder, we have suffered more terrible attacks. I have called for the punishment to be extended the killers' families, to send them to Gaza. Only that kind of punishment would have the (deterrent) power to stop them from attacking us."

He said that Defense Minister Liberman's "carrots and sticks" program for encouraging lawful behavior among the Arabs in Judea and Samaria must include "legislation that would allow for the return of deterrence and the reduction of terrorist attacks in the State of Israel."