General Roni Noma
General Roni NomaIDF Spokesperson

A 22-year-old youth who had been expelled for a year from Judea and Samaria was told by Central Command that OC central command Roni Noma, intends to extend his restraining order by three more months.

The reason for the restraining order was given at the same time. "The subject...was involved in the past in violent activities in Judea and Samaria and was expelled by administrative order from these areas. The subject is known as one who promotes protests and provocations against public figures and tries to motivate others to perform violent acts."

Moreover it was written that "according to information we have, the subject's return to Judea and Samaria represents a security risk to the area and may potentially lead the subject to return to violent behavior."

The Honenu organization relates that the subject organized a number of demonstrations outside the houses of OC central command and the head of the GSS in protest at the administrative detentions and arrests of Jews, but these were legal demonstrations authorized by the police. The organization protested the fact that "protest acts and provocations towards public figures" could constitute a reason for issuing administrative orders.

Administrative orders do not require a trial or evidence to be presented. Recently the Central Command had announced that they will allow a hearing to be held for those receiving administrative orders after petitions on the matter were presented by attorney Menashe Yadu of the Honenu organization.

Honenu protested the fact that the youth was only informed about the extension of the administrative order after the original one had expired, in contrast to rulings by the head of the IDF Court of Appeals stating that this must be done before the original order expires so that the hearing can take place before the order is extended.

Honenu added that "We have long claimed that the administrative orders are undemocratic. Now at least we see black on white and the Central Command even admits that the reason for issuing administrative orders without a trial and without evidence is because of legitimate demonstrations taking place against public figures."