Accident scene on Highway 6
Accident scene on Highway 6MDA

Two people were killed Wednesday morning in an accident at the Horshim junction on Highway 6 involving a private car and a truck. Another person was seriously injured. MDA paramedics determined the death of two of the victims and evacuated the seriously injured person to hospital for further treatment.

A senior medic at MDA, Haim Dagan, who arrived at the scene related that "We saw a truck and jammed into its rear there was a private car whose front part was totally crushed. In the car there were 3 men in their 30s. They were unconscious and suffering from multi-system injuries. After we extricated them with difficulty from the car, we performed resuscitation on two of the injured but in the end we were forced to determine their death. We treated and evacuated to hospital another passenger who was sitting beside the driver. He was in serious condition and was sedated and artificially respirated. We also treated the driver of the truck, who was lightly injured and evacuated him to the Meir hospital.

A few minutes earlier, a 27-year-old pedestrian was seriously injured when she was hit by a bus on Jabotinsky St. near the Petah Tikva shopping center.

MDA paramedics evacuated her to the Beilinson hospital in unstable condition. Police are investigating the accident.

MDA paramedic Biran Bar, who arrived at the scene and treated the injured woman, said that "When we arrived we saw on the road near the pavement a young woman who was fully conscious and suffering from multi-system injuries. We gave her first aid treatment and evacuated her to hospital in serious condition."