Terrorist of attack near Beit El
Terrorist of attack near Beit El Palestinian Media Watch

According to a report by watchdog group Palestinian Media Watch, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah Movement was quick to emphasize that the perpetrator of yesterday's terror attack was a PA policeman, was not at all upset by it and in fact glorified the terrorist as a "heroic Martyr" and "the Martyr police officer". Terrorist Muhammad Turkeman shot and wounded 3 Israeli soldiers, one of them critically.

In two posts on Facebook, Fatah specifically stressed that terrorist Turkeman was an "officer in the [PA] Palestinian police special forces", using several hashtags to underscore this point:

[Official Fatah Facebook page, Oct. 31, 2016]

Fatah included photos of terrorist Turkeman in posts that praised him for carrying out the "shooting operation". In one, he posed with an assault rifle, and in another he is shown wearing his PA Police uniform with a Kalashnikov assault rifle next to him.

A picture of the Al-Aqsa Mosque appeared together with photos of the terrorist in one of the posts, implying that the terrorist and his attack contributed to the "defense and protection" of the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The same symbols were used in a cartoon on Fatah's website that showed a hand waving a machine gun from the top of the Dome of the Rock and a pool of blood on the ground. The cartoon celebrated the shooting spree of a Palestinian terrorist who had killed 2 Israelis and injured 6 a day earlier. Fatah was likewise quick to honor the murderer.