Baruch Marzel
Baruch Marzel Eliran Aharon

Otzma Yehudit party member Baruch Marzel was surprised to hear that former Defense Minister Moshe Dayan’s daughter, of all people, came out against murdered Minister Rehavam Ze’evi HY”D (may Hashem avenge his blood) after accusations that he had sexually harassed women decades ago.

“We wouldn’t want somebody mixed up with so much scandal to become an Israeli hero,” Dayan said this morning in an interview on Army Radio.

“You mean like Moshe Dayan, your father?” Marzel retorted.

“I am shocked to hear the chorus of hypocrisy among the Left, which is silent about serious deeds of its own members and their Arab friends. Dayan is disparaging Rehavam Ze’evi, may Hashem avenge his blood, over old-wives tales that surfaced after 40 years,” Marzel told Arutz Sheva.

“Dayan’s daughter is a prime example of the unprecedented hypocrisy that now joins in with the chorus. Ms. Dayan, I suggest that you read the things that one hero, after whom dozens of places and streets are named, of the Left wrote.”

Marzel brought up the fact that Dayan’s father’s name is associated with three adulterous scandals from the periods during which he served as IDF Chief of Staff and Defense Minister. For example, General Dov Yirmiya, a childhood friend of Moshe Dayan who was betrayed by Dayan, wrote to Dayan: “A low and accursed adulterer like you. Hadassah admitted to my face and in front of witnesses everything you did to her. You decrepit person.”

“You used the weakness of a pathetic woman and pulled her to depths from which she won’t escape. I expelled her today from my home because of you. And now, man-whore, you must help her, if there remains in you any trace of humanity in addition to your licentious urges and your ambition to lead this country to its exalted purpose, while prostituting yourself and exploiting your position and unlimited power against defenseless young women. You will be cursed forever.”

Ruth Dayan, Moshe Dayan’s first wife, wrote to Yirmiya, saying, “...Nothing [that Moshe did] surprises me. I am just amazed at the foolish ones who still believe in him and are beholden to him. The delusion in which I was held for many years, called ‘Moshe Dayan,’ has been gone for awhile. For me, he is a sick man, crude, lacking in any human decency, and it’s a pity that they allow him to pass his sickness on to innocent girls.”

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