Women of the Wall
Women of the Wall Flash 90

The 'Women of the Wall' movement, together with leaders from the Reform and Conservative movements, plan to march from the Dung Gate to the Kotel with a Torah scroll Wednesday in protest over the government's failure to enact the deal to create an egalitarian section at the Kotel.

'Women of the Wall' Executive Directer Anat Hoffman will be joined during the march by Rick Jacobs, the president of the Union for Reform Judaism, and by Steve Wernick, the Executive Officer of The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.

Anat Hoffman attacked the haredi MKs for creating what she called 'discrimination' between the different denominations of Judaism, and called on the Prime Minister to implement the Kotel deal.

"The Prime Minister found a historic solution to the conflict at the Kotel." Hoffman said. "Although he pursued this solution, he is now recoiling from it because of threats from the haredi parties. Women of the Wall and its millions of supporters around the country and the world demand that the Prime Minister end the discrimination against women and against the Reform and Conservative Movements and implement the deal immediately."

The number of supporters is a moot point as the Religious Zionist ranks include many, such as the Women for the Wall group, who are against the Women of the Wall and what they see as provocative behavior at the Wall.

The Western Wall Heritage Center released a statement saying "We are prepared to take legal action against anyone who violates the law, as per the instructions we received from the Attorney General. We regret that this group is disturbing the worshipers and causing problems for the Prime Minister, who is trying to find a solution (to the issue). These radical groups are making it harder to find a solution, not easier."