The Jerusalem district prosecutor filed an indictment on Tuesday against Hazem Rasheq, a resident of the Arab village of Anata, near Pisgat Zeev in northeast Jerusalem, for a series of alleged sexual assaults.

According to the indictment, Rasheq, 29, came to the Shaarei Tzedek hospital in Jerusalem earlier this month, attempting to escape after being seen stealing from a nearby supermarket.

Upon entering the hospital, Rasheq pilfered a white coat, and dressed as a doctor, found his way into the maternity ward, where he stole a cellular phone.

While in the maternity ward, Rasheq also sexually assaulted a number of women.

Each of the victims independently identified him as the perpetrator.

During the incident, Rasheq roamed from room to room, stealing personal belongings and sexually assaulting women staying in the maternity ward. Some of the women struggled against him and cried for help. He hastily ran out of the rooms before the help could arrive.

While Rasheq managed to escape the hospital, he was later captured by police, who identified him using recordings taken from hospital surveillance cameras.