Body prepared for burial
Body prepared for burial Flash90

A member of the Hevra Kadisha burial society in Rishon LeTzion was stunned Thursday while preparing a body for burial, when he felt a heartbeat.

The worker, who was washing the dead man’s body, also felt warmth from the body.

The MDA emergency response organization was immediately notified and an EMT unit dispatched to the Rishon LeTzion central cemetery, where the body was located, Yisrael HaYom reported.

Four MDA rapid responders arrived shortly thereafter, along with an ambulance and first aid team.

After checking the body, the MDA members confirmed the man was indeed dead, despite the apparent pulse.

MDA officials explained that the pulse was in all likelihood actually the movement fluids within the dead man’s body. While not a common occurrence, it does on occasion take place, and could have given the Hevra Kadisha worker the impression of a heartbeat.