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A 25-year-old Jerusalem resident suspected of planning to serve as an accomplice to a terror attack in the city of Jerusalem was indicted in the Jerusalem district court Thursday.

Muhammed Abbasi was accused of plotting to perform an attack in Jerusalem, destroying evidence, perverting the course of justice, supporting a terror organization, grievous bodily harm, manufacturing and possessing weapons, hooliganism and attempted assault of policemen.

During his investigation by the Shin Bet, it emerged that Abbasi intended to perform an armed attack on security forces and Israeli civilians in east Jerusalem, and had even purchased firearms for this purpose.

Moreover, Abbasi was a Hamas activist who was involved in a number of Molotov cocktail attacks, as well as shooting fireworks and throwing stones at security forces and Israeli vehicles. During the investigation, it also emerged that he had tried to obtain knowledge on how to manufacture pipe bombs, though he had not actively engaged in manufacturing them.

The indictment stated that, during the course of 2016, Abbasi was employed in a Jerusalem bakery. During the month of July the owner of the bakery plotted together with Ramzi Alouk, a former prisoner who identified with Hamas and lived in Gaza, to perform attacks on Jews in Jerusalem.

Abbasi, who wished to take part in military operations against Israel, told the owner of the bakery that he wanted to take part in the terrorist activity, and even asked to communicate with Alouk.

Last September, the owner of the bakery was arrested by security officials, and his remand was extended. After Abbasi heard about the arrest, he decided to act in order to prevent security officials from obtaining criminal evidence against the owner of the bakery. Abbasi bought a new hard disk and installed it in his computer, breaking the original hard disk and throwing it in the garbage.

The indictment stated that this constituted "conspiracy to perform terrorist activity inside Israel, with intent to prevent or to thwart a legal procedure."

Moreover, the indictment stated that, from July 2015 until his arrest, Abbasi published on his Facebook page calls for acts of violence and terror against civilians and security forces as well as words of praise, encouragement, and empathy towards such actions and towards terrorists. Abbasi also praised and demonstrated support for the Hamas terrorist group and its armed branch, the Az-a-Din El-Kassam forces.

On the day of the suicide bombing on a number 12 bus in Jerusalem when a number of Israeli civilians were injured, Abbasi uploaded a picture of the burnt bus and wrote that "We bless the brave have gladdened our hearts...Allah be blessed."

On the day of the murderous shooting attack in the Sharona Market area in Tel Aviv in which a number of Israeli citizens were murdered and wounded, Abbasi posted the following: "3 carcasses and 5 injured in Tel Aviv shooting attack...Allah bless those hands...Allah give them life...they broke their fast on something worthwhile...Palestine is proud of these men."

Moreover, during the Protective Edge campaign, Abbasi took part, together with masked men, in disturbances in the Ras El Amud neighborhood. During the course of these rampages, Abbasi and others threw stones and fireworks at police forces at the scene. During the same period, he manufactured Molotov cocktails and threw them at military and police vehicles.

The Shin Bet reported that "the arrest of Abbasi, who, as a Jerusalem resident, had access to the entire city, prevented a serious terror attack from taking place in Jerusalem. His arrest and the results of his investigation demonstrate once again the severity of the threat from lone attackers who are influenced by the incitement of terrorist organizations online, in particular of the Hamas, and they themselves incite others to perform attacks."