Bob Dylan
Bob DylanReuters

After the holiday hiatus, this week's Temple Talk, the first of the new year 5777, welcomes in the Year of Strength with great joy. May it bring blessings to all.

Our hosts discuss the remarkable record-breaking numbers of Jews who have visited the Temple Mount over the holidays, and the show becomes intensely personal as Rabbi Richman relates his own Temple Mount experience and updates listeners regarding his recent health challenge.

Our hosts also discuss the unique nature of restarting the cycle of Torah study with parashat B'reishith, and the potential of each and every one of us, like all of creation, to be totally renewed.

Yitzchak Reuven and Rabbi Richman also discuss the flame of the ever-turning sword that guards the path to the Tree of Life, and celebrate this year's Nobel Prize Laureate for Literature, Bob Dylan.

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