Ichilov hospital
Ichilov hospitalיוני קמפינסקי

Ichilov Hospital's neonatal unit isolated four premature infants and a mother who had given birth, all of whom were carrying a virulent infection. The infants were isolated immediately in order to prevent the infection from spreading further, according to an announcement by the Tel Aviv hospital Wednesday.

A woman had given birth to twins who were transferred to the neonatal unit. It was then discovered that the mother was a carrier of the CRE bacterium which causes an infection in patients' blood.

When the mother was diagnosed, it was revealed that her twin infants and two other infants lying near them were carriers of the bacteria but the disease had not yet developed in their blood.

In order to prevent an outbreak of infection, the hospital decided to isolate the babies identified as carriers of the bacteria but to continue, of course, to provide them with the conditions they require for neonatal infant medical care.

In a further medical survey undertaken Wednesday it was established that there were no further cases of infection among the other infants being treated in the neonatal unit and that none of the other infants carrying the bacteria had fallen sick with the virulent infection.

The hospital spokesman stated that "the medical and nursing staff in coordination with the epidemiological team at the hospital and in conjunction with the National Unit for Prevention of Infectious Diseases adopted a series of professional steps to treat these infants. The neonatal unit continues its regular professional activities as before."