Video Credit: Hezki Baruch

Oded Revivi, British-born Mayor of Efrat and International Liaison of the YESHA Council hosted a party for Sukkot which included both Israelis and Palestinian Arab locals.

"We are making true peace," Revivi said in an interview with Arutz Sheva, "the director of B'Tselem should come visit Efrat."

In the interview, Revivi said, “we are peace activists and we pray for peace [in the siddur] three times a day."

When asked about the yesterday's UNESCO decision, Revivi stated that, “I advise them to come speak to Palestinians here who want to deepen their connection with Israel and who believe that their fate will be better if they work with Israel and the Israeli government. They should come see how much potential there is here for joint efforts and working together instead of looking for reasons to fight or make war.”

When asked if the Palestinian Arabs in the sukkah today represent the majority, Revivi explained that it is a minority but those who attended the party are strong leaders in the community who are brave and came to the sukkah to show that they hope to work together for a better future.

Oded Revivi at Efrat Sukkot party
Sukkot Party in Efrat