Selichot at the Kotel
Selichot at the KotelHadas Parush/Flash 90

Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz,the Rabbi of the Western Wall, responded dismissively to the UNESCO decision on the Temple Mount and the Western Wall.

"In all of world history I don't know of an 'occupying power' whose land is full of the relics of its ancestors. The holiness of the Temple Mount and the Western Wall for the Jewish people goes back many generations. It does not need anyone's approval. It is ridiculous to deny the (archaeological) discoveries that are occurring all the time."

"The millions of worshipers who come to pray at the Western Wall in front of the Temple Mount are the Jewish answer to UNESCO.

"UNESCO, which was founded in the name of higher values, attacked Israel, which works to ensure the accessibility of the holy sites of all religions. It also encouraged the Muslim Waqf, which works to systematically destroy all archaeological relics o the Temple Mount. After this decision UNESCO has forfeited its right to exist." Rabbi Rabinowitz added.