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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton wrote to her senior advisors, a few days after the Israeli elections, that she believes that a peace process between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) that was only for show was better than no peace process at all, Haaretz reported Saturday, citing a Clinton campaign email posted on WikiLeaks.

The email was sent on March 23, 2016 by Clinton's senior foreign policy advisor Jake Sullivan to both Clinton and John Podesta, chairman of her presidential campaign. If Clinton is elected, Sullivan is likely to be appointed White House National Security Advisor.

According to Haaretz, the email sent by Sullivan included a link to a New York Times article discussing Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's apology for his Election Day statement that “Arab voters are coming in droves to the ballot boxes."

Next to the link to the article, Sullivan wrote Clinton and Podesta, "Unsurprisingly, Pragmatic Bibi makes an appearance."

Seven minutes later Clinton responded positively to Netanyahu's comments and wrote that Netanyahu's apology was "an opening that should be exploited," while tying it to the promoting of the peace process between Israel and the PA.

"A Potemkin process is better than nothing," she wrote.

Many of the leaked Clinton campaign emails deal with Israel, noted Haaretz. Two leaked emails sent to Sullivan and Podesta included reports by Stuart E. Eizenstat, who served in senior positions in Bill Clinton's administration and is considered close with the Clintons, about a meeting between him and Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer.

In one message, sent on December 8, 2015, Eizenstat briefed campaign officials saying that Dermer told him that surprisingly Netanyahu had better relations with Clinton and that he believed that she would be easier to work with because she is instinctively more favorable toward Israel than the current administration.

In addition to the emails on Israel, WikiLeaks has published several emails from the Clinton campaign which reveal some candid concerns of veteran Democrats regarding the former Secretary of State, her family, and her viability as a candidate.