Ron Arad
Ron Arad Flash 90

The brother of missing Israeli Air Force (IAF) Navigator Ron Arad says that the Arad family never received any reports or new information about whether Arad was dead or alive.

Han Arad told the Kol Yisrael radio station that he had seen no new report about the fate of his brother. He said that if new facts have been discovered they should be presented to the Arad family.

Uri Lubrani, the former coordinator of the Activities of the Government in Lebanon, who had worked for years to bring Arad back, said that his experience was similar to that of the Arad family.

He said that he had not seen any report and that he cannot say whether Arad was alive or dead. He did not know that a request had been made for Arad's released and was refused.

Lubrani also stated that he does not know whether Arad was being held by Iran, but it would not have surprised him if it were true.

A few days ago, Channel 2 reported that IDF Intelligence and the Mossad had completed two reports to find out what had happened to Arad. The reports stated that Arad most likely died early in his captivity.

Arad was captured by the terrorist organization Amal 30 years ago in October 1986 during a mission over Lebanon. He was later handed over to Hezbollah. No contact has been made with Arad since 1988.

The reports also stated that Arad's family received regular updates throughout the process of any new information obtained. Arad's brother, uncle, and wife were reported to have received direct updates. Arad's daughter, Yuval, who was an infant when her father was taken captive, was said to have received evidence and testimony supporting the reports.

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