Ezra Yachin
Ezra Yachin Hadas Parush/Flash 90

Author and former Lechi fighter Ezra Yachin called on the government to act more forcefully against Arab terror in an interview with Arutz Sheva.

"Whether the enemy is sitting in a car with an Israeli license plate or a car without an Israeli license plate, he is still an enemy. We should not distinguish between an Arab living in Gaza and and Arab living in Jerusalem as both of them hate us," Yachin said.

Yachin believes that the Arabs who live within Israel's borders are more dangerous than the Arabs who live in Gaza. "Arabs in Gaza can't see (into our towns and cities). Arabs in Jerusalem can. We are therefore more vulnerable to the enemy who lives in Jerusalem."

"Whoever tries to fight us and kill us is an enemy and should be treated that way. And when fighting them we need to fight like they are our enemies and not like they are common criminals."

Yachin says that tougher measures must be taken against terrorists. "We need to protect ourselves. When someone prepares to attack us he should know how difficult it will be. He may be ready to commit suicide, but he won't be ready to see his family killed when he goes to kill Jews."

He had harsh words for Israel's judiciary. "Our government does not control the country. You can choose a government and a Knesset, and when the government has a vendetta against us and wants to expel (Jews) from Gush Katif, the judiciary supports it. But if the government goes to destroy an Arab house? Suddenly the judiciary has a problem."

"Once they said 'In the days when the judges judged every man did what was right in his eyes.' Today it is like my friend Yisrael Eldad used to say. 'In the days of the Supreme Court a crooked man will do as he pleases.' They don't pursue justice when they make laws. They produce laws as (unjust as) the White Paper."