Netanyahu and Clinton
Netanyahu and ClintonFlash 90

According to one Clinton advisor, the relations between Prime Minister Netanyahu and Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton are much warmer than the way in which they are depicted in the Israeli media.

The Wikileaks site has released thousands of new documents including memos between senior Clinton aides from the period when she served as secretary of state which refer to Israel.

One of Clinton's advisors from that period, Stuart Eizenstat, quoted a conversation he had with one of Netanyahu's associates in which the two discussed the relationship between the Prime Minister and Secretary of State. "Netanyahu admires Clinton very much and they have a very positive relationship, " wrote the advisor.

He added that Netanyahu's confidant told him that the Prime Minister found it very easy to work with Clinton and felt that her attitude towards Israel was much more positive than that of the White House.

In another memo which was revealed, the Israeli official wrote to Eizenstat that Israel did not see any reason to precipitate the renewal of the security aid under the Obama administration. "Israel will wait for the next president if it will not get what it requires and will not bypass the administration," wrote the official to Eizenstat.