Balad faction members Zoabi and Zahalka
Balad faction members Zoabi and ZahalkaFlash 90

Joint Arab List MKs Haneen Zoabi and Jamal Zahalka arrived at the office of special unit Lahav 433 Monday for an interrogation over money laundering allegations within their Balad Party. Lahav is a police unit that investigates national crimes and corruption.

The interrogation is part of a wide investigation initiated by the State Prosecutor with the approval of the Attorney General, including allegations of corruption, forgery and money laundering of millions of shekels which were smuggled into the country through the Jordan border crossing and deposited in Balad party accounts.

The money was allegedly supposed to fund party activity during local elections and the national elections of 2013.

Dozens of suspects have been arrested and interrogated during the course of the investigation, including senior members of the party, accountants and lawyers associated with the party, and other associates. All are suspected of acting to camouflage the source of the monies and to falsely represent them as legal donations to the party.

Dozens of people are currently rallying outside the unit's offices in support of the MKs.