Donald Trump at stump speech in Wisconsin
Donald Trump at stump speech in WisconsinReuters

Professor Zaki Shalom, an expert on American politics and senior research fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies, said that Donald Trump is not out of the race yet. He pointed out as evidence the seriousness with which the Democrats wer approaching tonight's presidential debate.

Professor Shalom said that "We still have a month and two debates to go. And we don't know what will become of the effort to replace Trump (with another candidate)."

His analysis of the pols suggests that Trump has a chance despite the controversy over his attitude towards women.

"In the end, the American citizen asks himself, who will help me in finding a job or health insurance, and who is better for security?" Professor Shalom said.

When asked about the chances of a serious discussion of the issues at the upcoming debate, Professor Shalom said that that was one of the great tragedies of this election campaign. "It's sad to see such a great and advanced nation fall so low, with the public discourse descending into the gutter and distracting from issues such as the fight against terrorism, economic and foreign policy, Russia, ect."

Professor Shalom said that he sees in this campaign signs of the disintegration of the US. "It's unfortunate what we see here. There are theories that speak about the disintegration of empires. It was not the disputes, but the inability to agree on how to resolve the dispute. It's not as extreme as in the empires of the past, but it is starting to happen."