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Although a number of high-profile Republicans withdrew their support for him, including Senator and former Republican nominee for President John McCain, Donald Trump's support among Republican voters has not been affected much by the controversy surrounding a leaked video in which Trump makes lewd comments about women, according to a poll conducted by Politico/Morning Consult poll.

The poll, taken in the immediate aftermath of the video's release, shows that despite the widespread disgust the comments have generated, Trump's overall support among the electorate dropped only one percentage point, from 39% to 38%. Hillary Clinton's support showed a corresponding one percent rise from 41% to 42%, giving her a four percent lead on Trump.

The poll contained more information suggesting that the fallout from the video would be smaller than originally thought. Just 39% of respondents said that Trump should drop out of the race. Seventy percent of Democratic voters said that Trump should drop out, while 74% of Republican voters said that the GOP should continue to support Trump as its nominee. Only 12% of Republicans said they wanted Trump to drop out, a number that only grows to 13% when only including female Republican voters.

A plurality of Independents also responded that they thought Trump should stay in the race, with forty-four percent saying he should stay while thirty-five percent said he should drop out.

Politico acknowledges that the video which caused the controversy may take a few more days to fully enter the public consciousness.

Trump has vowed to never drop out the race. He said in response to calls for him to quit, “I’d never withdraw. I’ve never withdrawn in my life,”

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